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Willow Farm Primary School

Willow Farm Primary School


Our Music curriculum empowers our children to become creative and confident in exploring and recognising the many benefits that music can bring.

Our children sing and understand the importance this brings to Willow Farm, its wider community and their own mental health and wellbeing. Singing and music helps develop and widen our cultural understanding of the world as we explore different genres and reflect on the context they belong in. Singing and chanting is also a valuable learning tool aiding and developing our long-term memory.

Through performance our children work collaboratively and are able to gain the skills they need to work effectively in a team.  Their instrumental skills develop and improve through commitment and practice allowing the children to see that through this they can achieve goals. Through listening to music our children develop their reflectiveness and their ability to articulate opinions with varied vocabulary and confidence. 

  • Our aim is for children to leave Willow Farm as:
  • Creative and confident singers and musicians
  • Experienced in many musical genres
  • Reflective and responsive listeners

Please find documentation on how the Music curriculum is taught throughout school below: