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Willow Farm Primary School

Willow Farm Primary School

About Us

Welcome to Willow Farm Primary School

Learning with Pride

At Willow Farm Primary School we aim to create a secure, caring and stimulating environment where each child is enabled to achieve his or her full potential. We try to do this by developing a climate of mutual trust, respect, consideration and co-operation. A place where children and adults are able to extend their skills without fear, grow in confidence and self-esteem and experience success as a reward for effort across the full range of the primary curriculum. We encourage dialogue between adults/ children and children/children.

We value initiative, originality and independence as well as the ability to work co-operatively. We expect each of the children to gradually take more responsibility for their actions and learning and to appreciate their role in an inter-dependent society. We try to teach the children to value the contribution of those of differing backgrounds, gender, religion, culture and ability and to retain an open-minded and tolerant attitude to others.

At Willow Farm we strive to provide a full and varied curriculum which is carefully planned, effectively co-ordinated and properly resourced. Thereby our children can develop their confidence and individuality, aesthetic awareness, imaginative creativity, logical thinking, moral understanding and social responsibility.

Our greatest asset in this endeavour is the children’s natural inquisitiveness which we encourage at every opportunity, promoting intelligent action and further learning.

In essence, we aim to maintain a happy and hardworking school where children become confident, independent and sociable whilst achieving their highest possible academic standards; where all the members of the staff team are motivated to work hard and where the children want to learn.

At Willow Farm School we do not stand alone in this endeavour; we fully recognise the crucial role of parents, governors, friends and the wider local community in pursuing these.