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Willow Farm Primary School

Willow Farm Primary School

The Bookcase visit - and £500 book bonanza!

Excitement bubbled as a group of children from Willow Farm visited "The Bookcase" in Lowdham. Why? Well, we were lucky winners of a fantastic competition held by the Siobhan Dowd Foundation! The prize? £500 worth of books!

The children eagerly explored the shelves of The Bookcase.  With the guidance of Louise and Jane who work at the bookshop, they carefully selected books that sparked their imaginations and fuelled their love for reading.

From colourful picture books to thrilling adventures, the children eagerly made their choices. The joy on their faces reflected the sheer delight of having the opportunity to choose books that would be loved by them and their fellow classmates.

Thanks to the Siobhan Dowd Foundation, the children left The Bookcase with not just books, but with new skills as a bookshop browser, and the joy of reading tucked into their hearts.

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