Tigers had a lovely time at Castleton! They were Roman soldiers, fired catapults, went orienteering and much more besides. Check out the photos!




 Welcome to the Ocelots' page!


We are a fantastic Year 4 class of 29 children, also known as The Ocelots! We love to learn and have lots of fun whilst doing so! This is the place to find pictures of what we are doing and any important information. 


Staff in Ocelots:

Mr Drew - Class Teacher [Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday]

Mrs Fulton - Teacher [Thursday AM]

Mr Bingley - Games [Thursday 4th Session]

Mr Chambers - Computing [Thursday 3rd Session]


Mrs Phythian - Teaching Assistant [Afternoons - Monday, Wednesday, Friday]

Kara - Teaching Assistant [Mornings - Tuesday & Thursday]



For homework we have regular reading, writing and maths homework and then we have project work to do as well.


The regual work includes reading at least 10 mins per night and writing in our reading diaries. We also have a spelling booklet that we can work through at home - we use the spellings in our Gramma & Spellings sessions.


Finally, we have our Superheros Maths booklets! We train to beat superheros using our timestable knowledge - our booklets have training questions in them and ideas how to practise. Then on Fridays we can either do some more training or challenge a superhero (there are a series of questions that cave to be completed in a time limit - it's about 3 secs a questions so you have to be quick!).


Dukes Barn:

We are very lucky that Year 4 is the year we spend 2 nights at Dukes Barn in the Peak District. It's a great adventure where we get to try out lots of exciting actvities. Look out for the photos from it to see what we got up to!